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 Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) officially banned TikTok in Pakistan 

In 2020 Tiktok get ranked and popular among Pakistani people and also due to this lockdown season in which people were locked in their houses because of Coronavirus(COVID-19). Most of the public start using TikTok. It becomes one of the best things to spend time making a good day by making shorts videos and content. As usually if something (Apps) has a positive thing also has a negative thing on the person who used and a big thing the society it really impacts on society at spot million users watch their content. If the content is good or positive it impacts good and if bad or immoral then it impacts badly on society. So its the duty of the developer and a user to use in proper ways which will help to use and others who are watching their content. 

Pakistan now officially banned TikTok to Pakistani users because of some immoral content that give a negative impact on society. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) give many warnings to TikTok on vulgar and immoral content but the TikTok management didn't take any action on PTA warnings and did not follow PTA rules and regulations and break rules many times. PTA sends it last and final warning to Tiktok on 20th July 2020. 

PTA officials say that they are receiving dozens of complaints a day on the immoral content of Tiktok. PTA took action on complained they got it from all Pakistan and after reviewing they informed Tiktok to follow the rule and make sure to delete indecent videos or immoral videos form Tiktok which disturb the society environment but they did not fully fill their requirement. 

Here is the official press released by PTA on banning the TikTok mobile App:

Pakistan banned TikTok over immoral content - Techmobileworld

As everything mentioned in this press released and if TikTok will obey the rules under PTA law they will review and will chance to reopened in Pakistan. 

Before Pakistan, many other Asian countries have banned TikTok such as India, Bangladesh, and recently Donald Trump banned Chinese-owned mobile app TikTok banned in the United States. After China India and the United States are the highest and top-growing users of TikTok. TikTok is downing after got banned in the three largest populations and active users of TikTok. 

TikTok response to PTA that they had deleted millions of videos from TikTok but still there are many things to full fill according to PTA rules and regulation if TikTok management wants to leave the ban. 
TikTok is still in contact with PTA to resolve the issue and try to create the best platform for the online community. 

Social Media activists start a campaign on Social media and it's now on trend #TikTokBan and criticized the government for banning TikTok and also mention that "moral policing". Addressing government the activist says the government should be left the ban on TikTok and other Social media apps and let them give rights to use Social Media

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