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 What is eBay?

I will tell you in short about eBay. eBay is an e-commerce website developed for buying and selling products online and it is operated in the united states of America. On eBay, you can buy anything from the world and can sell your products to anyone around the world.  The products you buy or sell will be used items or new items but you can sell your used items also.  eBay was established on 3 September 1995 by Pierre Omidyar a well-known American businessman and within a year his business grows and now becomes a top trusted buying and selling website around the world. 

What are the requirements for eBay?

There is no list of requirements that if you follow you can start if don't then can't be able to buy or sell. It is a plus point for you if are buying or selling things before eBay and have some experience of buying and selling things online. If you make your mind as a business then you can earn well from eBay. You can earn from eBay as well as learn too.

How much does it take time to start selling on eBay?

It is mandatory on any business or e-commerce site that if you want to get started you have to register or sign-up so eBay also required a user who is going to start selling on eBay must create an account and login to eBay. After making your profile set up on eBay. It is up to you how you can start and how much you give time to it. For this, you have to make your product image and description you will give will be attractive to the buyer. It takes some time to get ranked if you are new or beginner on eBay.

How eBay works?

Do you know how eBay works? in simple words, I will try to make it understandable for you so that you get to know about it. 

1. If someone ( seller) wants to sell on eBay will simply enroll their product on eBay.

2. It depends on the seller that the product or item enroll to sell will sell it at the real price or at a higher price or lower and accept bids ( if sellers auction product)

3. The buyer after reviewing the item or products which sellers enroll if buyers like then will purchase it by paying to the seller.

4. On auction products the buyers will set bids, at the end, the highest bids buyer will be the winner.

Some useful tips which help you on eBay:

I will give you some useful tips which help you on eBay and will grow your business easily 

1. Before selling anything on eBay make sure that you have a good number of feedbacks. It can gain trust from the seller because sellers want to get anything from a trusted buyer.

2. First buy a particular product from in bulk wholesale then resell it at its retail price. This is how most of eBay resellers do.

3. The item or product you are selling on eBay must have some value on eBay or on any other e-commerce sites or the seller most search on eBay or in search engine. 

4. Most important things which can attract sellers to your product are The title of your product, Description of the product, and the pictures of products. These can create high impacts on buyers make sure that all these things will be done perfectly before selling or reselling the product or item.

How to monetize eBay?

As if you doing work online on any site you have to monetize your work for getting money and on eBay, the same is here monetize and earn healthy amounts. Earning on eBay is simple as more orders more money. For making more money your products should be good quality so that a buyer can give feedback on your products by this you can easily rank on eBay and easily grow your business. Try to interact with buyers. Must follow tips that can help you on growing.  

Transactions on eBay:

Transactions on eBay are secure and it has many options that you can adopt. I will tell you the method which eBay accept 

1. Paypal one of the recommended methods on eBay for buying.

2. Bank transfer if you are buying something and you have a bank account then you can also pay it via bank transfer,

3. COD known as cash on delivery eBay also has the option on cash on delivery which means if you buy something on eBay you will pay it on your doorsteps.

4. Other payment options which include personal cheques, cashier's cheques, and money orders.

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