Motorola announce One 5G which is one of the mid-range 5G mobile phone according to officials . you might hear and know about Motorola G5G Plus by Motorola company and the new Motorola One 5G is  like re-branded Motorola Moto G5 5G. Motorola inaugurate this new mobile phone on Monday in USA(United States of America). But one thing which is most important is price which i not finalize bu company. According to company the price will be not more than 500$. We can say it would be the mid-range Mobile by Motorola.

Motorola is planned to launched new mobile with 5G support connectivity and the Motorola Moto One 5G is listed as second 5G mobile released by Motorola. For now the Motorola One 5G is only available in USA(United States of America). The company has not reveal its date when it will be fully available to its users not in US but also to rest of world.

As company says it would be mid-range mobile so Motorola One 5G is release to set on AT&T and Verizon. But AT&T and Verizon is not announced and is coming soon. The AT&T will have support carrier's sub-6 5G networks while he Verizon will support mmWave 5G network. 

What features are their in new Motorola One 5G . The new Motorola One 5G has 6.7 inch LCD which support Ulta HD resolutions. And have 90HZ refresh rate. About battery it has bigger mAh of 5000 battery with 20W of high speed charger. It runs on Android 10 and Motorola My UX . The chip-set is still unrevealed and all other basic features you can see on  Motorola Moto G5 5G

If we talk about the difference between Motorola Moto G5 5G Vs Motorola announces One 5G their is not much difference between them the man thing is latter has a new ring flash around the main camera module. The front camera has packs 16MP Primary and second is 8MP camera .

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