278 million 5G smartphones will be sold in 2020

Each day passing the demand of 5G mobile is become so high and high globally. 5G mobiles is on everyone lips . There is many companies who makes 5G mobiles devices not properly available to every part of world . Still there is many countries who don't have the access of 5G connectivity. 

China is on top of making and support 5G connectivity and 5G mobiles. China is working to make 5G more faster and easily available to global users. Not only in international market but inner greater china market also need 5G mobile devices and half of 5G mobile sets has been sold out only in greater china market of mobiles and tech.

An international report released by Canalys about 5G and their sells in globally. According to report they says it is expected that 278 million of 5G mobile-phones will be sold by the end of 2020. From 278 million 172 million 5G  mobile-phones will be only sold in greater china market and its become 62% of 278 million in percentage . More than half of 5G mobile devices to be sold out in china and remaining to rest of world. 

The world is demanding 5G for their country user to make their life more easy and reliable. As 2021 the demand for making 5G mobile-devices will more than that of 2020. Here is the chat published by Canalys 
5G smartphone volumes are predicted to rise globally.  (Canalys)

According to Canalys expert Ben Shanton the Chinese mobile company known as Huawei which will making 5G mobile despite all the sanction and difficulties facing worldwide might lead 5G mobiles worldwide. If Huawei fails to deliver their is many Chinese companies work on 5G and can be on top such as Oppo, Xiaomi and TCL.

Chinese mobile companies become more popular day by day just because of their prices and specifications. Chinese companies mainly focus on low budge and users friendly mobiles which every users want best feature on low budgets and also making 5G mobiles Chinese 5G mobiles is low in price as compared to rest of companies work on 5G ,4G, 3G connectivity mobiles such as Apple, Samsung, etc. That the reason everyone preferred to Chinese mobiles.

In latest the chinese company namely Realme manufactured its Realme V3 5G the only mobile in the worldwide of 5G with the price of below 150$(retail price in China is CNY999 which become $146 in USD).

Their is many companies which are working and launching 5G mobiles devices lets take example of Samsung which is not a Chinese product and is aslo made many of its mobiles having 5G connectivity network support which are quit expansive than Chinese 5G mobiles. 

In Europe there are mostly Apple users and Apple still doesn't released its 5G variant and still on LTE. According to some source their will be only one variant of upcoming Apple iPhone 12 which support 5G connectivity . The next is Samsung in Europe which already released many of 5G connectivity mobile phones. Users eye on Samsung Galaxy note 20 series which equipped with top features ever . But much expansive in price.

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