What is a mobile application?
Mobile Application which is also known as mobile app or app is type of mobile application are designed to work on mobiles, tablets,iPad ,computers etc .
The main cause of Application to get help or assist you on product mail, map, calendar, contact databases and many more . The demand of making Application by public are for  mobile games, factory automation, GPS and location-based services, order-tracking, and ticket purchases.
nowadays many application were develop day by day millions of application  are there for your usage you can get it from application distribution such as Google Play Store, App Store(IOS) and many more are their.

Who are suitable for develop App?
In making app there is no any eligibility criteria . everyone can make it without getting any things . If you are technology lover and like to make App than you can easily make App. but not only for App lover and tech people but other also can make it after getting some info about it.

What are the basic requirement? 
you don't need any type of education degree to make it just all you need is have some knowledge about Android or IOS coding . if you know already than you never struck on making app  and it can help you a lot from start to end. But remember if you know the coding good but nowadays there is not necessary because many creating online apps maker tools are available online and they don't need of coding you can make a perfect professional apps even without coding.

App maker tools
you can make your own App and can run your business and here are the some best and popular App maker tools:

  1. Appypie
  2. Swiftic
  3. Ionic
  4. GoodBarber
  5. AppSheet
  6. Appsmakerstore
  7. AppMachine

i mentioned few of them which are on every app maker eyes but their is so many App maker tools you can found on internet if you know already which is best so you can use that but if you new you can make it from above list .

Time Required 
The time required for making app is up to app developers how they do work and design there app structure project.If we combine everything and estimate it would be 5 to 6 month it can take Each stage in the process takes different amounts of time to complete

How to Monetize App and make money 
After making the app the next step is to upload on application distribution stores so here the best and most poplar store of Android is Google Play Store and for iOS is Apple App Store these are top best app store. Upload your app their. you have two options while uploading free app and paid app . Free app means everyone can download it for free while Paid app means if someone want to download your app they should pay for it its depends on you how much you can fix initial price for downloading . Now using AdMob, Google mobile advertising network make your app monetize and star making money from it. the process is simple more people will download more you can make money from that app.

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