Difference between 1G, 2G, 3G,4G, and 5G

Have you ever notice and know that what does 'G' means in 1G,2G,3G,4G, and 5G. so here the simple meaning is G stand for 'Generation'.From 1G to 5G on every G there is the improvement of internet speed .5G has faster than ever before network services. today we mainly focus on their difference and you will easily and in simple words can understand what is Difference between 1G, 2G, 3G,4G, and 5G. each and everything is discussed from start to end about 1G, 2G, 3G,4G, and 5G.  


1G technology 
1G which is called first-generation wireless telecommunication mobile technology has introduced in 1980 by Telecom (known today as Telstra). 1G is analog technology so it delivered analog voice. the top speed of 1G is recorded as 2.4kbps. 1G mobile was so heavy and expensive at their time. 1G mobile has low and poor quality and has limited access to the internet. So many difficulties were facing to use of 1G. after these limited features 1G has updated ad within some time 2G was introduced which has some basic features which 1G does not have. Motorola DynaTAC mobile phone was the only first mobile in the world having 1G mobile device manufactures after the USA other countries in the world start 1G services in their countries and these are UK, Mexico, and Canada 

2G technology
2G technology is also called second-generation digital wireless technology which is a GSM-based network. 2G was inaugurated in Europe by Finland in  1991 by Radiolinja. 2G has been designed to work on GSM and CDMA. which can enable us to give basic small things like SMS and MMS. the upgrade from 1G to 2G gives the basic things which we can use in today's world few of these are SMS, internal roaming, conference calls, call hold. the top speed of 2G is measured along with General Packet Radio Service ( GPRS ) is 50 Kbps or 1 Mbps with Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution ( EDGE ).2G  Mobile is data is very slow which give low-quality user experience and users can not able to play full video live they had face buffering and other issues which usage of 2G. in 2G the GPRS can go up to 114 Kbps (0.1 Mbps) and EDGE can get as high as 237 Kbps (0.2 Mbps). in this era of technology, there are still some rural areas where 2G is still usable because of less facilitation 

3G technology 
3G also called third-generation wireless mobile telecommunications technology.3G as offically inaugurated on 3 June 2003 by Hutchison Telecommunications in United Kingdom (UK). as growing with 2G the users had many difficulties while using they need fast and upgrade network service to work fast than the low speed of 2G . after of 2.5G, it has been permanently shifted to 3G User see a new thing with new features which they loved and liked to use such as Web browsing, email, video downloading, picture sharing and other Smartphone technology were introduced in the third generation 3G. and 3G is much faster than before networks like 2G and 1G. the top speed receded as 384kbit/sec in WCDMA, 7.2Mbit/sec in HSPA and max 21.6Mbit/sec in HSPA+. after 3G mobile companies start rapidly new devices by each passing day with the latest technology with a fast processor and also update the mobile network system to get better user experience. like was in 2G there is 2.5G 3G also update with 3.5G and 3.7G with new features were shown as these two were introduced. with 3G there are many companies of mobile technology that were also introduced to the world with their 3G mobile set and it becomes more famous at their time. 3G full support Multimedia services and live steaming were also introduced with 3G which become more popular now at that time but now fast growing time. 

4G technology 
4G also called fourth-generation broadband cellular network technology, 4G a name with something different than 3G the basic purpose of introducing was to provide high speed than 3G because the world is growing technology and need more fast internet to go high. The main reason for 4G was improved speeds, reduced latency, and crystal-clear voice calls and better speed. The key innovations that have made this feasible square measure MIMO (Various Information Different Yield) and OFDM (Symmetrical Recurrence Division Multiplexing). the 2 crucial 4G guidelines square measure WiMAX and LTE. LTE (Long haul Advancement) could be a progression of moves up to existing UMTS innovation and can be unrolled on Telstra's current 1800MHz band. The gamma-hydroxybutyrate speed of a 4G organize once the gadget is moving is a hundred Mbps or one Gbps for bad quality correspondence like once fixed or strolling, dormancy decreased from around 300ms to yet 100ms and significantly lower blockage. once 4G starting got available, it totally was just a touch faster than 3G. 4G is anything but a comparative as 4G LTE that is very close to meeting the elements of the principles. To move a substitution game or stream a TV program in HD, you'll be private while not buffering .4G or 4G LTE speed is faster than 3G which is seven times more fast and quick. With standard 4G you can download a 2GB HD film in 3 minutes 20 seconds, the same will takes 25 minutes on a standard 3G network.4G has two new advanced versions are 4.5G and 4.9G the advanced speed than the normal 4G service and has a better quality of speed marking the transition of LTE  getting us more MIMO, more D2D on the way to IMT-2020 and the requirements of 5G .4G devices were bit expensive than that of 3G and consume much more battery for this many of companies make high mAh battery setup to overcome this problem. High speed means Higher data consumption but for this 3G is better about consumption 

5G technology 

5G also called a fifth-generation standard for cellular networks. 
The faster than ever before network like 4G,3G . with 5G our
Life will be better we can easily connect to world faster and secure way. the 5G early introduce at 2015 and finally launched in 2019.Combining fashionable network technology and therefore the latest high-spec'd devices, 5G ought to supply connections that square measure multitudes quicker than previous mobile technology, with average transfer speeds of around 1Gbps expected to be the norm across several next-gen network. now in 2020, there is many mobile companies start manufacturing 5G mobile device which was much expensive and higher consumer devices . with each passing everyone needs the fastest network to work fast to get more time.but it takes some to reach everyone around the world you can see many of devices that start 5G, they don't set up or run high-speed 5G network services. 5G will be the game changer to the new tech world. according to experts, the highest speed of 5G would be 10Gbps and it is 100 times faster than the current 4G. With an enormous a cluster of creative choices, right now you're reasonable the telephone would be extra corresponding to the PC. you'll utilize the broadband net association; diverse significant alternatives that intrigue people region unit extra bad habit decisions, more extensive interactive media
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